Wonder Boy in Monster World

Wonder Boy in Monster World makes its way to the PlayStation Network.

The Making of Wonder Boy / Monster World

Wonder Boy, a series of excellent games closely linked to SEGA, although in reality they were the productions of a small independent company called Westone. This episode will tell the story of the small start up company and their ever changing series; Wonder Boy / Monster World.

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Narration by Steven Kelly

Brazilian Portuguese subtitles by Helton Carvalho

//Music and SourcesSome of the tracks are from the excellent game Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. For the complete track-listing with time-codes skip to the end of the videoSources used for this video are also listed there.

00:00 Welcome to Monster World
00:59 Wonder Boy
04:20 Wonder Boy in Monsterland
07:05 Wonder Boy III Monster Lair
08:18 Wonder Boy III The Dragon’s Trap
13:01 Wonder Boy in Monster World
19:31 Monster World IV
27:18 Goodnight Monster World

Mega Drive Longplay [033] Wonder Boy V: In Monster World III


Played By: T-0815 –
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Wonder Boy in Monster World/The Dynastic Hero Review – Quickies Don’t Cut It

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Ever heard of Wonder Boy? Chances are you have not as it’s a rather forgotten series of games. During the glory days of the Nintendo Entertainment System in the mid to late 80’s, Wonder Boy served as one of Sega’s biggest platforming franchises before the rise of Sonic the Hedgehog. If you do happen to know of it, it’s likely you remember titles like Wonder Boy in Monster Land and Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap for the Sega Master System. I’m looking at neither of those today; instead, Wonder Boy in Monster World, the first 16-bit installment of the series, is stealing the spotlight. Do you enjoy Super Metroid, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and/or similar experiences? Perhaps Wonder Boy in Monster World is for you and one of the goals of this review is to help you find out. Also, the game was ported to the TurboGrafx-CD two years after its initial release under a different name: The Dynastic Hero. Why is that so? Well, all the details are within the video. Guess what? I found a way to play Streets of Rage 2 online. It's like a blast from the past!
Writing, editing & narrating: Michael Hardeman
Game creation: Westone Bit Entertainment

Wonder Boy © Sega
The Dynastic Hero © Hudson Soft
Adventure Island © Hudson Soft
Ys © Nihon Falcom
Castlevania © Konami

All music & imagery © to their respective owners