Best Xbox 360 Action Games

Find the best Xbox 360 Action games on GameSpot, including Grand Theft Auto IV and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain!

Criminally Underrated Xbox 360 Games

The Xbox 360 is one of the greatest consoles of all time, with a ton of incredible games! Join TVGS as I list and discuss ten of the most over looked and underrated 360 games the system ever received. Many lesser known and under appreciated games released for for the X360, so let me know your most obscure unknown and forgotten xbox 360 games down below!

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Top 10 Xbox 360 Shooting Games of All Time

Ranking the 10 best shooting video games on the Xbox 360. We compiled critic and user scores of all the first-person & third-person shooters.

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Mass Effect 2 ($27.98)
Mass Effect ($17.93)
Borderlands 2 ($10.33)
Bioshock ($11.89)
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon ($14.99)
Titanfall ($18.75)
Halo 3 ($17.90)
BioShock Infinite ($10.91)
Battlefield 4 ($11.84)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ($3.94)

NOTE: This ranking is not an opinion of just one person. It is based on a 10-point rating system called playscore. It aggregates, averages & combines review scores from trusted critics and gamers.

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Top 100 XBOX 360 GAMES OF ALL TIME (According to Metacritic)

Top 100 XBOX 360 GAMES OF ALL TIME (According to Metacritic)

These 100 XBOX 360 Games are all shown in order of their Metacritic Score. Each game will feature a green number showing what it’s Metascore is.

Metacritic for the XBOX360 counts DLC, and episodes as different game titles. (i.e. The Walking Dead has 5 different scores all in the Top 100) I think this is redundant and shouldn’t be counted.

DLC was removed completely from this list and games that were episodic were given the highest score it received and combined as a single game. Need a game to play with a friend? Fireboy and Watergirl is perfect! Immerse yourself in the action at

So this video is only the Top 100 Best Games for the Xbox 360 and doesn’t include DLC or separate episodes in the list.